The Basic Stretch Routine for the Lower Back

by | Lower back

Today I’m reviewing the stretches I use daily to keep my lower back in check and to help relieve stiffness and pain.  The stretches are basic, but fundamental to maintaining flexibility of the lower trunk. 

In today’s world where most of us sit hours per day, stretching is very important.  The body is designed to work vertically against gravity.  Sitting causes chronic bending of the hip (upper leg parallel with the floor while sitting) and flexion of the knee. This leads to chronic shortening of the hip flexors and hamstring muscles.  Both will affect the lower back. 

If you don’t stretch regularly, expect to feel extra tight when you first begin.  Do them daily.  Hold each stretch 30 seconds working up to 90 seconds per stretch.  Pick a time every day to do your stretching.  I like to stretch right before I go to bed.  Therefore, I remember to do it.  Let me know how it goes!