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Its one thing to be uncomfortable.  But when pain starts to effect how you live your life…  It can affect your golf game, your hobby of gardening, or your ability to play with your kids.  Life isn’t fun this way.

Pain and dysfunction makes you feel and look older than you are.  The good news is this… life doesn’t have to be like this!

We are here to offer solutions!

Restoring your health matters more to us than anything.

Trusted by both professional and Olympic athletes.

Over 4000 happy patients cared for.

More than 20 years experience refining our craft.

Over 10,500 adjustments provided last year alone .

Nothing Else Helped... That's How I Found Chiropractic

At 17 years old, I was in so much pain that my mom had to help me get dressed.  Pills, massage, stretching… nothing helped and no one could tell me what was wrong.  That’s when I turned to chiropractic and it changed my life.  So much that I became a chiropractor and now it’s what I do every day.

-Jason Lauer, DC

Common Conditions We Can Help

Spinal Pain

When your back sucks, life sucks.  Almost every physical activity involves the spine which is why spinal problems are so debilitating.  Golf, gardening, and exercise all become difficult.  We’ve helped thousands of patients over the past 20 years recover from their pain.  Call us today to find relief from your back pain!

Headache & Migraines

Headaches can range from annoying to debilitating.  Pain is a signal that something is wrong.  Every day we care for patients that had headaches and are staying headache free because of chiropractic care.  Speak to us today so you too can stop living this way!  

Numbness, Tingling, & Muscle Pain

When the spine loses the ability to protect nerves, you can experience warning signs and loss of function. Numbness, tingling, and burning will occur.  You may also feel muscle spasms, muscle burning,  pain and weakness in your limbs.   Contact us today and stop living in pain!

Extremity Pain

Other joints of your body may be injured and can benefit from being adjusted.  Each week we adjust hundreds of feet, ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, wrists, and TMJ’s.  Falls on outstretched arms injure shoulders and wrists, while rolled a rolled ankle can affect the hip, knee, and ankle/foot.   Set up a consult and see if we can help you!

Kids Conditions

Kids also benefit from chiropractic care.  Beginning with the trauma of birth, kids are hard on their spine. Because chiropractic adjustments change neurological function, it’s possible to help ADHD, colic, ear infections, and other health challenges.  Talk to us about your children’s health challenges!

Wellness and Longevity

Lifestyle related disease is at an all time high so we care lifestyle.  Diet, supplementation advice, exercise, stretching, and managing stress are all a part of our care.  You can participate how ever much or little you want.  It’s your choice.  We will show you how simple it actually is!

I have been a patient (and my 2 children) of Dr. Lauer for about 7 years now. Through this time, he has diagnosed and cared for several back issues including sciatica. He always has me up and moving within a short period of time. Along with the stellar chiropractic care he gives, he also has a wealth of information on other health issues as well. He truly cares about his patients well being and seeing you succeed in life!

Steve Graser

I highly recommend Dr. Lauer. He’s helped me out for almost 18 years. I was in severe discomfort from a long thoracic nerve issue from the flu in 2002. And, Dr. Lauer has provided me with a wellness program ever since.  Great listener, very patient, answered all my questions. He’s also advised me on some simple stretches and exercise, which is a step above any other chiropractor I’ve heard friends talk about. His staff is polite and extremely courteous. His office is clean, well equipped and quiet. No wasted time, either. They’ll also do their best to see you on very short notice.

John Fleckenstein

I have only been seeing Dr. Lauer for a short time and I have already experienced a good amount of relief from chronic neck pain. His approach is not just to get your body into alignment, but also to help you look at a whole lifestyle solution.  He educates on the importance of reducing chronic stress and inflammation in order to see long lasting results and in order keep you healthy long term. I highly recommend him.

Kelly Andaloro